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Who are we?
The origin of Leather Mine Home has to go back more than 35 years. Originally, we were a leather goods and premium manufacturing company under the name Leather Mine Co.,Ltd. 1985, which we are the manufacturer of leather goods in the form (OEM) for various leading brands around the world and is also the number 1 in leather goods in Thailand with a guarantee from Association as well Leathermine itself has branched into its own brands such as Folio, PLINN, Jewelpelle, etc., and we never stop developing innovations in furniture production, whether in terms of The structure, the material (Texture) in order to make the furniture work out to be impressive to the customers, which has been very successful in home furnishings in foreign countries. We have a good reputation with many overseas partners. whether it is a leading brand in Singapore or in Europe, America as well

We aim to be one of the leading domestic furniture suppliers and contractors that we foresee. Each piece of work that must be delivered requires care. meticulousness in the work, from the on-site assessment measurement of the work area Including the design or clear that the customer designed to meet the specs and can be used in real life. In addition, the work itself must come out well. We therefore choose to use the hand-made method (Hand Made) for more than 95% of the production of one piece. To want to pay attention to the details of the product as much as possible and satisfy the customers as much as possible.

Furniture and home decoration products that we produce and make (Leaether Mine Home)
1. Produce all kinds of furniture such as chairs, tables, jewelry cabinets, jewelry display cabinets, bookcases, wine cabinets, wine bars, bedside cabinets, etc.
2. Production and installation of wall cladding corridor wall wall coverings, headboards, etc.
3. Production of home decorations Hotel supplies such as tissue boxes, picture frames, leather trays, serving trays, leather folders, menu folders, cash folders, leather covered trash cans genuine leather remote case genuine leather writing pad, etc.
4. Jewelry tray, customizable according to the drawer (Customize Dimension by Your Drawer) A tray for putting jewelry in a drawer that can be customized according to the size of the customer.

And also including other tasks that we are ready to serve you. whether consulting on-site measurement product design On-site installation with a professional team We are very pleased that you are interested in our services. You can contact us for more information via the contact form below.

Leathermine Company Limited
11 Moo 6, Bang Khun Kong Subdistrict, Bang Kruai District, Nonthaburi Province 11130